Capturing Music and Culture

A Photographic Journey

Changing Perspectives

Cultures are defined by art, for art is a tool which lets us see differently than we otherwise would. It is a tool for empathy. 
My mission it to break holes in the walls between cultures, to show the humanity we all share. Across borders, between generations, and through the fog of prejudice. 

Seeing through Music

Music is the mirror in which I choose to show culture. As our most social art, it is what brings us together, rips out our insides, and defines us.

What is La Vita Della Rosa?

Simply put: You.

The Life Of the Rose is an ever changing, always evolving perspective. It's a journey, and you are all invited.

The Rose is a way of seeing.

What I Can Do for You

I would like to help you document your culture and share it with the world. I love photographing the life of live events, the trials of the road and the labors of the studio. 

For labels, bands, and individuals I can provide promotional materials, art direction, album art, and most importantly, a chance to tell your story.

For publications, it will always be my mission to tell the deeper story. I want to show the humanity of our heroes, the greatness of the people behind the art. I want your readers to here the music in the photos.

Get in Touch

Collin McClain; founder of an idea and head of visionary things, is your go to. He doesn't bite. (Unless you are into that).

Phone: 530-522-8111